First Visit

Seeing Dr. McCarthy for the first time.

Your initial visit might be divided into as many as four parts.


1.   Basic Information

When you first come to our office, you will be asked to complete our Confidential Patient Information questionnaire to allow us to get to know you and your problem better. Once the paperwork is completed, one of our staff will escort you to our examination room where they will explain our fees and office policies. They will also be happy to answer any questions about our office. To save time, you can download our questionnaire and bring it with you on your first visit or email it to office@mccarthychiro.caClick here to download the PDF form.


2. Consultation

You will then meet Dr. McCarthy, who will review your health  history and determine if yours is a chiropractic case. If chiropractic treatment cannot help you, you will be told this and you will be referred to someone that can help you. There is no charge for a consultation.


3.   Examination

Standard physical, orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests will then be performed to determine the exact cause(s) of your problem.



4.   X-rays

X-rays may be required to visualize any serious spinal problems such as pathology, disease, injury or damage to the joint structures. Chiropractors will also use x-rays as an important tool to help them determine exactly how to treat you. The information we get from your x-rays can often decrease the time necessary to get you better. We have an x-ray lab near by that will perform all required x-rays to our personal standards. OHIP will cover the technical portion of your x-rays but they will NOT cover the reading fee for those x-rays. There will be an X-Ray reading fee for ALL x-rays viewed by Dr. McCarthy, including those already taken by your doctor. See our Fee Schedule for current fees.


Report of Findings Visit

Once your initial visit is complete, Dr. McCarthy will review your history, examination and x-ray findings and prepare his Report of Findings for your next visit.

On your second visit, together, we will review all x-rays that were taken and you will receive a complete report of your examination findings. Dr. McCarthy will outline a treatment plan for your unique problem or health complaint. There will be ample opportunity to ask any questions. Make sure that you are fully aware of the nature and severity of your condition and what Dr. McCarthy is planning to do to help you. Based on clinical experience, Dr. McCarthy will explain your prospects for recovery and what you can do to help speed the process.  Feel free to bring along family members to your "Report of Findings visit"

Once discussion is complete and all questions have been answered, you will be given your first adjustment to begin the restoration process.

All future visits will be of more typical length, usually 5 to 10 minutes. No one can look into the future but if you follow your treatment plan you will return to health in the quickest possible time.